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A Culture of Friendship

I think my placement is unique in the fact that it isn’t really a workplace—or at least hasn’t been in a more traditional sense until now. That’s because 3D is passion project of its founder and my supervisor Tiffany. There are no paid employees, so there’s no office space. This very well may soon change as 3D grows and develops, but for now Tiffany and Jen dedicate themselves on a volunteer basis. This certainly isn’t to say 3D has no distinct culture surrounding it, but its size and nature are closely linked to its culture.

Tiffany and Jen’s personalities and relationship have shaped my perception of the culture at 3D almost exclusively because there isn’t much of a workplace outside of them. Considering they’ve been friends for many, many years there’s a really warm dynamic between them, and I feel as though I’ve gotten to share in some of this. They are both incredibly supportive of one another and of me in work related things and in life. They both communicate clearly and straightly without much hedging when it comes to business, and I’ve been appreciative of this, but they also have lots of fun just chatting as old friends would. I’ve also been greatly thankful for how trusting they are—again of one another and of me. The culture of 3D is really intimately linked to how close Jen and Tiffany are in their relationship.

I’ve been so fortunate to step into and share a culture so deeply rooted in friendship. I hope that when 3D grows—and I’m confident that soon it will!—and new faces are added to the team, this culture of friendship perseveres.

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  1. I work with Tiffany and Jen also over at Detroit Food Academy. They are both so amazing and inspiring. I see a lot of connections between the workplace environment at 3D and DFA. I’m so glad you get to work with Tiffany – it has been a real pleasure for me. I find her to be, like you said, extremely clear and direct, but also very understanding, kind and passionate.

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