Week 3: Strawberry Jamboree? – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 3: Strawberry Jamboree?

While reading How to Kill a City what stood out to me was that Detroit’s public government invests a large amount of its money to incentivize private companies to invest in the city. This has resulted in large portions of Detroit being left without basic public services and government programs. As I learned more about Detroit’s history I related it to the rise of community gardens in neighborhoods. Even though many people have left the city, the ones that remain have banded together and are determined to improve the quality of their lives. The Brightmoor community where the my site the DPFLI is located is one of these communities. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to interact with the Brightmoor community members at the various classes; This week we learned to make and can strawberry jam which was really fun and gave me a chance to get to know the community. Let me know if yall want any jam, we have so many extra jars!

2 thoughts on “Week 3: Strawberry Jamboree?”

  1. Hey olivia!
    I also thought it was sickening how much money the city of detroit pours into private investment instead of community development. It is nice that there is some hope with the community stepping up and non-profits taking charge. Would love to hear more about your thoughts!
    I’d also take some jam 🙂

  2. Hi Olivia! It’s so cool to hear what the Brighmoor community does, and I’m glad to know how you’re directly involved with them. Making and canning strawberry jam sounds so fun, I’m sure you’ll be doing many more interesting things with DPFLI!

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