Week Four: Tours Galore??‍♀️ – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Four: Tours Galore??‍♀️

This week I’ve had the chance to give several tours to groups that have come to visit the DPFLI. It was really nice to see so many people interested in urban culture and excited to learn more about urban agriculture. One group of teens had so many questions and it was really nice to see them be so passionate about being engaged in their community. I also surprised myself while giving these tours because I did not realize I knew so much about gardening and the techniques we use at the DPFLI. This week I’ve started working on a site map that we can use for our own reference as well as give to visitors. I’m really glad I was able to get hands-on with the community this week!

3 thoughts on “Week Four: Tours Galore??‍♀️”

  1. Edisa Niyifasha

    Hi Olivia,

    It’s definitely always a nice feeling when people have the same interests as you! I would love to know about gardening because I LOVE FLOWERS (they are to die for). I don’t know if gardening for flowers is the same as gardening for fruits/vegetables but maybe you can teach me 🙂

    – Edisa

  2. That’s so awesome how you surprised yourself with your knowledge of gardening and your organization! It’s really cool you had that moment and acknowledged all you’ve learned. You project sounds really unique. I’d love if we could visit your site sometime.

  3. Hi Olivia,
    I agree with you, being hands-on definitely makes a difference when learning and experiencing something new. I’m glad you were able to step outside and be one with nature!

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