[WEEK 1] Fresh Start – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

[WEEK 1] Fresh Start

Hi everyone! My name is Nina, and I am a rising junior studying Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I have always been passionate about community service and making positive contributions to the local community. After researching various career paths, I am confident that I want to work with nonprofit organizations to engage in meaningful work and bring tangible results to minority groups.

To me, community is a place where I can call home and grow by learning from the people around me. After surrounding myself with a group of driven and passionate professionals, I have gained a deeper understanding of the community in the Southwest Detroit area.

In my first week here, I had a great time speaking with everyone on the team and learning about the different roles each person plays on-site. I truly enjoyed being part of a small team where I could contribute to various tasks and support different projects and departments. The projects I am involved in remind me of the volunteer work I did in high school, and I believe I can leverage that experience to help with youth registration and community engagement efforts.

My current project focuses heavily on community engagement, specifically helping youth become more involved and independent in their development. I am eager to learn more about how to effectively communicate with younger children, especially those who speak a different language. Additionally, I am looking forward to developing my relationships with the members of DCERP.

I am excited to learn about the history of this community and to immerse myself in an environment where I can continue my volunteer work while growing both personally and professionally. By the end of this summer, I aim to create a comprehensive slide deck outlining strategies for implementing software for youth program registrations. I also plan to complete a guideline for the organization’s marketing initiatives and the new DREAM project.

Thank you for this incredible opportunity. I am thrilled to contribute to meaningful projects and make a positive impact in the Southwest Detroit community!

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  1. Hi Nina! I enjoyed reading about what you hope to accomplish by the end of the summer. It’s awesome that you will be able to complete a guideline for your organization’s marketing initiatives as well as help with the DREAM project. Your project sounds very interesting, and I hope to learn more about it as the summer goes on!

  2. I love you definition of community Nina! I would also say I have a similar definition of community as well. I am excited to see the end result of the slide deck. Goodluck(:

  3. Hi Nina! I am glad you are enjoying your site so far. I also really liked your definition of community. I am excited to hear more about your project!!!

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