Week 2: – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 2:

I work at the Southwest Detroit Community Justice Center (SWDCJC). Our mission at SWDCJC is to enhance public trust in the justice system, reduce crime, and address the needs of the community. As a neighborhood-based justice center, we prioritize maintaining individual dignity and work collaboratively to make the community safer and more vibrant. We achieve this through a restorative and solution-focused justice model, which emphasizes repairing harm, fostering accountability, and identifying practical solutions that empower individuals and strengthen community relationships. 

 Southwest Detroit Community Justice Center offers multiple great resources for the community. Some being Prostitution Offenders Program(POP) which is a jail diversion program made for those who receive tickets for attempting to solicit an act of prostitution. Another crucial resource they offer is community court which provides an opportunity for people who commit low-level, non violent , or misdemeanor offenses in Southwest Detroit to perform community service instead of incarceration or high fines.

The DCERP experience has been going well so far. At first I was a little nervous but now in the second week I feel more settled in. I am still trying to figure out my routine, but the DCERP members have been so lovely, I can’t wait to get to know them better! I’ve suggested to everyone that we should plan a day to explore SW together. I’d love to show them around and introduce them to my favorite food spots in the area.

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  1. I’m glad dcerp has been going well so far! I love the work that your site does, it sounds really cool. Im looking forward to hearing more about your site in the coming weeks!

  2. I think the programs that your site offers are so useful and more people in the community should know about it. Do you happen to know if your site is doing outreach for those programs?

  3. SWDCJC’s mission sounds very impactful! I am glad that you have been enjoying your time as a fellow so far.

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