Week 2 of DCERP and DREAM – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 2 of DCERP and DREAM

Hello everyone (again)! This is Rattanna, checking in with week two’s blog post! As I mentioned in my first-week blog post, I’m spending my summer working with DREAM (Detroit Revival Engaging American Muslims) in Detroit. DREAM is dedicated to combining community organizing with strategic housing and land development to revitalize neighborhoods on the Westside of Detroit and foster a healthy, thriving community.

For my project this summer, I’m diving into the exciting world of public relations for DREAM. My focus will be on analyzing the different PR strategies DREAM uses, assessing what has worked and what hasn’t, and brainstorming innovative ideas to enhance PR for DREAM. It’s an incredible opportunity to help amplify DREAM’s message, and also learn more about the field of public relations.

I’m also having an amazing time connecting with all the DCERP fellows and our amazing director, Ray. Our meetings every Tuesday and Thursday are a highlight of my week. They’re not just informative but also a lot of fun, providing a fantastic environment to engage and build lasting bonds with the fellows.

Exploring Detroit with DCERP fellows has been such a fun experience. We love going on the QLine to Downtown Detroit, where walk and explore the city. I’ve attached a photo of one of our trips for you all to see – it captures just a glimpse of the fun we’re having!

2 thoughts on “Week 2 of DCERP and DREAM”

  1. I love that picture, that was such a fun night! I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying your project. It sounds like it’s a great fit for your interests. I also enjoy connecting with the other DCERP fellows, and I look for to exploring more of the city with you all.

  2. Hi Rattanna,

    Glad you are having a good time with DCERP and the research project! Keep me updated with the project, and I would love to see more pictures in the future :))

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