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Blaine Teahan

Beyond Work

To be real for a moment, the experiences that we would’ve had beyond our site and in our interactions with the cohort, the city, and the community of Detroit have been substantially limited by the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. But that’s not to say that these experiences outside of my placement are gone. I’ve still been …

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A conversation on prisoners’ rights and their children (also a petition to sign!)

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to talk with a friend of my supervisor who experienced incarceration. She thought that it would be good for me to interact with community members—something that has been limited in this COVID-afflicted world—to better understanding the population that 3D serves. It proved to be a helpful and provocative …

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How Can You Mend a Blighted Home?

Title: Questions raised over Detroit’s ability to hold landlords accountable for properties left blightedURL: When I searched for “Detroit news” in Google, it was serendipitous to see this article just published today come up as one of the top results, not because the content is particularly encouraging, but because it’s on gentrification, speculation, and …

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Detroit is big!

Detroit is BIG—that’s what I learned. I suppose this is obvious, but the scale became far more concrete to me when I viewed it on a scale that’s easier to comprehend.This week I compiled a list of all of the public and charter schools in Detroit. There were 178. I can’t speak for anyone else, …

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Week 1

Blaine, Though your early expectations of what you would experience in DCERP—farming and life in Detroit—have been dashed by a virus, I hope you’ve positively impacted the development of 3D and have gained a deeper understanding of the city of Detroit, the injustices within the justice system, the hardships faced by kids with incarcerated parents, …

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