DCERP 2020 – Page 17 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

DCERP 2020

Week 1 Letter

Dear Sasha, As you start your first week at DFA, the world ablaze with pain and rage over hundreds of years of the Black community suffering at the hands of white people. You have been struggling with how best to show your support and allyship, and how you can be actively contributing to positive change …

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Week 1 Blog

Dear Future Mackenzie,  Happy week one at ProsperUS! So far I’ve settled into the placement by reaching out to all of the members of the team, and it has made virtual onboarding not so bad. There seems to be a nice sense of community at ProsperUS… speaking of community, to me, community describes a close-knit …

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Here we go – Week 1

Dear Leslie, These weeks have been pretty intense. Heck, these past three months have been pretty hectic, but I know you’ve really been through it recently. With all the racism, Covid, and recent sexual assault allegations in the circles around you, all while you’re trying to start an internship, you’re probably wondering when it’s all …

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Week 1 Blog

Hi Future-Chloe, You have just about completed your first week of work for Soulardarity. You are adjusting to the new norms that come with the COVID-19 Pandemic. This week you have also attended protests, wrote letters and watched as the people of the United States fought back against systemic racism and the brutal murders of …

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Daffodils on Belle Isle (taken in April, 2020)

Week One Blog

June 4, 2020 Dear Madison, To have a chance to finally put your time and energy towards the people of Detroit is very exciting. This position offers you a unique opportunity to understand the unique challenges that Detroiters face and the techniques they use to overcome those challenges. You are also looking forward to building …

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Noise – Week 1

Ruchita, We came home different than we had expected, grieving for a world amidst a pandemic. Our body imprinted the mattress, as we hid from our own isolation. We missed feeling bigger than what we were. Our dorm, our learning community, our volunteer network, and our research riddled us with holes in who we thought …

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