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Community Walk Meeting

One part of a Community Food Security Assessment is typically a household survey, which often means hitting the streets and going door to door. Lucky for this intern, GHOPE called in backup. Genesis Lutheran Church (which GenesisHOPE is part of) occasionally holds “community walks”, in which members of the congregation knock on the doors of

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Third Week

Last week I was able to get closer and closer to finishing my project which is exciting because I look forward to seeing the finishing project! I had the opportunity to sit in on one of the Task Force meetings which is where the members of the task force come together to listen to a

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Week two with CPPC

Week two with CPPC was productive.  We met with the Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP).  The BRP  is a group of professionals in various areas from the Department of Natural Resources to a retired UM professor.  The purpose of this panel is to help select sustainable conservational researched ideas for Chandler Park Conservation Campus.  In this meeting CPPC presented researched

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Hau’s Week 2

This week has been so meaningful!  I was able to get my hands dirty doing different kinds of gardening work.  I helped out with the weeding, plucking grasses and other weeds out of the permaculture landscape.  I was also able to harvest.  As an organization, we harvested almost 20 pounds of fresh vegetables, and we

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Week 2 Patience

Week two I decided to call the convenient stores Fresh Corner Cafe has their products in. I knew it was going to be challenging, but not irritating. People can be extremely rude at times without any cause. I called one store; they kept passing the phone to different people. Each time I had to re-explain

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Week One with CPPC

The project I’m working on is Chandler Park Promise Coalition (CPPC) which is a group of people and organizations whose goals are to restore Chandler Park. The purpose of my research is to find conservational ideas that would be considered and possibly implemented in the Chandler Park project . Conservation is the act of conserving,

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