Mcubed Scholars – UROP Symposium

Mcubed Scholars

A novel laser emission microscopy for early detection of colon cancer: Analysis of at-risk human colon from an interventional trial (Research in progress)

Karsten Knuver | MCubed Scholars

Karsten Knuver, Yun-Lu Sun, Ingrid Bergin, Mohamed Ali H. Jawad-Makki, Xudong Fan, Muhammad N. Aslam.

Theoretical and Computational Methods of the Integral

Meg Wynne | MCubed Scholars

Meg Wynne, Robert Krasny

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus is one of the crowning achievements in mathematics and other scientific disciplines. The theorem yielded one of the most important ideas of modern math – the evaluation of the integral using antiderivatives. In my summer research I study two sides of the integral – the theoretical component as well as the computational and numerical methods that allow for its implementation into applied mathematics as well as other fields. When studying the theoretical side we can start to find relationships between finite sums and certain functions, which gives us information on the rules surrounding the integration methods of certain functions.

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