Whole Health and Integrative Medicine Educational Resources for Communities – UROP Symposium

Whole Health and Integrative Medicine Educational Resources for Communities

Mercedes Morin

Research Mentor(s): Nikhil Parekh
Program: Biomed
Authors: Mercedes Morin, Nikhil Parekh, MD, MPH


Whole Health can typically be defined as well-being through multiple lenses. The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs aims its Whole Health initiative toward the patient himself or herself and what they see as most valuable to himself or herself regarding their health. Compared to the traditional medical process, Whole Health includes areas of well-being such as mindful awareness, moving the body, surroundings, personal development, food & drink, recharge, family, friends, & co-workers, spirit & soul, and power of the mind. This initiative was made by the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System. However, the reach of Whole Health applies to many groups of individuals such as healthcare professionals and students; therefore, it is important that all groups are fully educated on these aspects of health to carry out a healthy lifestyle.

The goal of our research is to further understand our population’s current knowledge of Whole Health topics and discover what areas may need more awareness. To do so, we created a survey through Qualtrics, which covered the key elements of the Circle of Health. The survey was randomly distributed and had a diverse population, which included various age ranges, religions, and professional statuses. While we are closing our survey, we plan to analyze the data through SPSS and use chi-square tests and descriptive statistics.

When these results of the survey are analyzed, we will use them to create an implementation project that aims to spread awareness on Whole Health-related topics. The implementation project can include many different approaches such as community programs, websites, social media pages, posters, handouts, and infographics. Using the information about our communities, we hope the implementation project will increase knowledge and action toward healthy living and well-being as defined by the individual.

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