Teaching Writing in the Disciplines

WRITING 993:  Teaching Writing in the Disciplines is a one-credit theory and practice course for GSIs serving as instructors and graders of undergraduate courses that fulfill the Upper-Level Writing Requirement at the University of Michigan. In this course students develop strategies for effectively teaching academic writing to upper-level undergraduate students. Our topics cover grading and responding to student writing, addressing linguistic diversity in student writing, dealing with issues of academic honesty, and guiding students through the writing process, from topic generation to revision.

How to Use This Site

On this site you’ll find the course syllabus, online modules, readings, and other resources to support you in your role as a GSI in a ULWR course. Follow this link for more explanation of how this site functions as part of our blended course.

You can refer to the modules, readings, and resources at any point during the semester. This website is a flexible tool for finding the information you need when you need it. We will work together during our class meetings to put the material in the modules to practical use. In the meantime, work at your own pace. Skip ahead to the resources you need. Focus on the materials relevant to your work, and skim those that aren’t.

Discussion and community with your fellow GSIs is another important element of Writing 993. You will hear a variety of ideas and strategies from your colleagues that you can use in developing your own pedagogical practice. We will begin building this community via our course blog.

At different points throughout the course (including the modules), you will be asked to write comments and respond to your peers. You will be able to exchange ideas with GSIs in the other section of the course, in addition to building face-to-face relationships with GSIs in your own section.