Demographic Impacts of Covid-19 in the US and Europe – UROP Spring Symposium 2021

Demographic Impacts of Covid-19 in the US and Europe

Noah Williams

Noah Williams

Pronouns: He/Him

Research Mentor(s): Holly Jarman, John G. Searle Assistant Professor
Research Mentor School/College/Department: Department of Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health
Presentation Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021
Session: Session 4 (2pm-2:50pm)
Breakout Room: Room 19
Presenter: 2

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had disproportionate impacts across the globe. When comparing the impact of the pandemic on different nations, researchers rely on metrics such as national excess mortality which often fail to capture demographic differences between populations. This study aims to construct a comparative framework of excess mortality in the US and select European countries which accounts for age and sex. In this context, excess mortality is the difference between the observed number of deaths during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic from the expected number of deaths based on historical data. To construct this framework, monthly mortality data from 2015-2019 segregated by age and sex was analyzed from the US and EU. This data was used to estimate the mortality of specific age and sex cohorts by country, which was compared to the observed monthly mortality of those cohorts in 2020. When compared to the reported deaths attributed to Covid-19, a robust and nuanced comparison of the relative impacts of Covid-19 in the US and EU is possible.

Authors: Noah Williams, Rebecca Wai, Neil Mehta, Holly Jarman
Research Method: Library/Archival/Internet Research

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