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Looking for a way to engage your students with course materials in a meaningful way outside the classroom? A WordPress course blog or website might be part of your solution! LSA Technology Services can help support your blogging needs, including help with site design, activity development, training, and integration with your course.

WordPress is a popular and dynamic open-source software platform widely used in higher education for web content management systems and blogs. LSA Technology Services has installed WordPress Course Sites in the U-M network so it is protected and secure. We offer six different course site themes and a handful of plugin options.

Click the Getting Started button below to learn more about the course site request process and working with LSA Technology Services on your site.  Sites can be requested by completing the WordPress Course Site Needs Analysis form.

How can WordPress be used in my class?

Examples of Student Activities or Assignments

  • Respond to readings
  • Maintain a writer’s notebook or journal
  • Post reflective, exploratory, or open entries about learning experiences
  • Share student-generated research or links related to course content
  • Practice writing skills such as developing voice, considering tone, drafting, peer review, etc.
  • Create a showcase for final projects
  • Craft an online image or presence

Examples of Instructor Activities

  • Communicate announcements, share content and assignments  
  • Share instructor-generated exercises or prompts
  • Build community within your class
  • Create a public place where student work can be “published”

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