Temple Mount in Jerusalem looking south

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Welcome to MIDEAST 207
The Land of Israel/Palestine Through the Ages


The Land of Israel/Palestine Through the Ages (MIDEAST 207; RELIGION 277) is one of the most popular humanities courses on campus. It concentrates upon the region of the Middle East wherein the modern polities of Israel and the Palestinian Authority are located. It examines the ways in which this region was influenced by Mediterranean, European, and Arab peoples from the dawn of writing until the mid-20th century of our era. In order to understand the rich history of Israel/Palestine, it is imperative that we delve deeply into data gleaned from geography, literature, and archaeology. Such a necessity gave rise to this website, which has been constructed for the very purpose of making this data easily available to you. Should you have any questions about the site, feel free to contact the course’s teacher, Dr. Eliav. We hope that you enjoy taking this journey with us.

Begin the journey right now with an introductory video of this fascinating land.

Map of Middle East
Map of Middle East

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