DCERP: Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program – UROP Symposium

DCERP: Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Authority Health

Jasmine | DCERP

An organization that strengthens the healthcare safety net through community-based primary care services, issues advocacy, health insurance enrollment and navigation, and a health data portal.

Authority Health

Leslie Igbo | DCERP

An organization that strengthens the healthcare safety net through community-based primary care services, issues advocacy, health insurance enrollment and navigation, and a health data portal.

Bridging Neighborhoods Program

Angel Phillips | DCERP

Administers Home Swap and Environmental Mitigation community benefits programs for homes in the Delray neighborhood and near the expanded I-75 service drive in Southwest Detroit.

Brilliant Detroit

Diana Yassin | DCERP

Creates early child and family centers in neighborhoods. It provides holistic services for kids 0-8 predicated on evidence-based programs around health, family support and education.

Chandler Park Conservancy

Grace Tate | DCERP

Offers educational, recreational and conservation opportunities at Chandler Park a 200-plus acre regional park in the City of Detroit.

Deadline Detroit

Ruchita Coomar | DCERP

An independent grassroots digital media organization that provides original content and commentary on Detroit-focused news.

Detroit Food Academy

Sasha Fraser | DCERP

A non-profit that inspires young Detroiters through culinary arts and food entrepreneurship to become holistic leaders who are healthy, connected and powerful change agents in their communities.

Detroit Public Schools Community District

Madgean Joassaint | DCERP

Consists of 106 schools educating 50,000 children. It champions a whole-child approach that combimes academics with socio-emotional, extracurricular, and health services tailored to each individual student’s needs.

Developing Despite Distance (3D)

Blaine Teahan | DCERP

An organization that helps young men in Detroit positively ‘develop despite the distance’ of their incarcerated parent.

Downtown Detroit Partnership

leelled | DCERP

Our mission is to advance Detroit by driving engagement, development and programs that benefit businesses, residents and visitors throughout the Downtown’s urban core.

We strengthen and support Downtown Detroit through strategic initiatives and programs that evolve with the changing needs of the community including maintaining and operateing programs in Detroit’s downtown parks.


Betsaida Valdivia | DCERP

A non-profit that creates just, equitable, and inclusive solutions to climate change and other community sustainability challenges.

FoodLab Detroit, Osborn Neighborhood Alliance

Torisa Johnson | DCERP

A community of food entrepreneurs committed to making the possibility of good food in Detroit a sustainable reality. They design, build and maintain systems to grow a diverse ecosystem of triple-bottom-line food businesses as part of a good food movement that is accountable to all Detroiters.

Friends of Parkside

Rakira Urquhart | DCERP

A community-based organization for residents of Detroit’s East side with youth development, sports, health iniatives and food security programming.

Friends of Parkside

Sharonda Chiangong | DCERP

A community-based organization for residents on Detroit’s East side with programming such as youth development, sports, health initiatives, and food security.

Hope Village Revitilization Center

ysabelb | DCERP

A newly formed community development organization with programs in food security, sustainable housing and arts & culture.

Nortown Community Development Corporation

Sean Gilikin | DCERP

Focuses on the revitalization of Northeast Detroit by promoting safe and affordable housing, historic preservation, greenway development, environmental improvements, and job opportunities for low/moderare income populations.


mmaeh | DCERP

A place-based economic development strategy designed to empower and foster entrepreneurial success in low and moderate income, immigrant and minority populations.


Chloe Hale | DCERP

Focuses on energy democracy in Highland Park and surrounding neighborhoods through education, organizing and community-owned clean energy.

Southwest Detroit Community Justice Center

Madison Daminato | DCERP

A non-profit that assists court-involved and at risk residents with a restorative approach, including opportunities for community service and access to social work services.

Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision

Sarah Chung | DCERP

Involves residents, community organizationns, government and other stakeholders to address air quality, blight, safe housing and other priority issues.

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