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Noah Black | Entering Research

Noah Black

“I Lost a Job Because I Went to the Doctor”: A Qualitative Study of Interpersonal Relationships and Professional Roles among Black Adults with Lupus

Deena Aboul-Hassan | STAMPS

Deena Aboul Hassan

Analyzing the impacts of Periodontitis on vaccine efficacy

Lauren Guan | STAMPS

Lauren Guan

Assessing the Relationship Between Impulsivity and Sexual Risk Behavior in College Students

Lauren Penrose | WAGSFP

Lauren Penrose

Caregiving, Complex Family and Kinship Ties, and Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD)

Olivia Morreale | WAGSFP

Olivia Morreale

Characteristics of mobile device use among mothers of young infants

Mohammed Nasser | CCSFP

Mohammed Nasser

Characterization of Furanyl-fentanyl in vitro and in vivo

Thomas Prince | STAMPS

Thomas Prince

Complement Receptor 3 – The Microglial Engulfment Receptor that Facilitates Synaptic Elimination in a Multiple Sclerosis-Relevant Mouse-Model of Demyelinating Disease?

Sarh Hossein Altaweel | CCSFP

Sarh Hossein Altaweel

Cutting Through the Red Tape: Applying Public Policy Implementation Theory to Current Research

Pearl Steenstra | CCSFP

Pearl Steenstra

Developing Hardware and Software for Perturberator Robot

Martin Page | Engin

Martin Page

Dual Roles for hERG Channel Subunits: Investigating a KCNH2 Variant in Sudden Infant Death

Aysha Chowdhury | Biomed

Aysha Chowdhury

Educational Media, Artificial Intelligence, and Child Development

Sangheethaa Gnanaprakash | CCSFP

Sangheethaa Gnanaprakash

Examining the Role of Research Development in Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the University of Michigan

Periwinkle Kietzman | CCSFP

Periwinkle Kietzman

Exploring Gender Disparities: Differences in Discrimination Experiences Among Latinos and Latinas at a Midwestern Predominantly White Institution

Paige Bost | WAGSFP

Paige Bost

Exploring Responses to Witnessing Subtle Weight-Based Bias from a Mother to Daughter

Rowan Klar | WAGSFP

Rowan Klar

Gene delivery of cystic fibrosis therapies with polymeric nanoparticles

Karen Reynoso | CCSFP

Karen Reynoso

Green Hydrogen Application in Power Plant in Michigan

Joelle Wimberley | Engin

Joelle Wimberley

High-Quality Algal Biofuel Production through Lipids Transesterification

Kaitlin Nguyen | CCSFP

Kaitlin Nguyen

High-throughput screening of the DART chemical library to identify anti-virulence molecules in Candida albicans

Sarah Babka | STAMPS

Sarah Babka

Hollywood’s Lost Celebrities: Live Performance in Classical Era Movie Theaters

Adam Michael Flachsmann | CCSFP

Adam Michael Flachsmann

Integrating 2D Materials Onto Photonic Nanocavities

Arielle Csolkovits | CCSFP

Arielle Csolkovits

Interrogating the roles of orexin and norepinephrine in maintaining attention

Yichuan Chen | Biomed

Yichuan Chen

Isolating Microcystis from Harmful Algal Blooms in Western Lake Erie

Ian Fiero | Engin

Ian Fiero

Let’s Talk about Diabetes

Anderson Riley |

Anderson Riley

Life Cycle Analysis of Algal Biofuel Production

Jalen Dominique Hurley | CCSFP

Jalen Dominique Hurley

Live Performance and Classical Hollywood Stardom: the Shifting Entertainment Landscape

Alycia M Pietrzak | CCSFP

Alycia M Pietrzak

Mapping Orexin-Regulated Circuits in the Mouse Brain

Anacarolina Silveri | Biomed

Anacarolina Silveri

Measuring daily activity shoulder kinematics of with motion capture, inertial measurement units, and lab-engineered kirigami shoulder patch

Sasha Lee | Biomed

Sasha Lee

Mechanism of Cryptococcal Fitness, Innate Defense Subversion, and the Adaptive Immune Skewing in the Lungs

Arianna Creech | STAMPS

Arianna Creech

Methodological Approaches to Measuring Engagement in HIV/STI Digital Health Interventions: A Systematic Review.

Rebecca Pulliam | WAGSFP

Rebecca Pulliam

Moderation effects of HIV and STI testing, perceived clinician sex approval, and substance use before sex among youth

Sarah Khreizat | Stamps Scholars

Sarah Khreizat

MyVoice: Youth Perspectives on School-Based Health Education

Noah Black | Biomed

Noah Black

Optimizing a Cleaner Method of H2 Production

Hadi Hicham Soweidan | CCSFP

Hadi Hicham Soweidan

Optimizing PDGFRA inhibition therapy in pediatric high grade glioma (pHGG)

Madeline Miclea | STAMPS

Madeline Miclea

PCL and PLG Scaffold Fabrication and Optimization

Natalie Wright | CCSFP

Natalie Wright

Quantum Machine Learning for Medical Applications: A Study on Classification Using Python Simulators

Rahul Hoque | CCSFP

Rahul Hoque

Reducing Diabetes-Related Stigma in Language Used by Primary Care Providers

Sarah A Eljahmi | CCSFP

Sarah A Eljahmi

Regulatory Role of GWAS-Validated EPDR1 in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Fate Specification

David Ntsiful | Biomed

David Ntsiful

Role of Pax 2 & Pax 8 in Ovarian Cancer Origin

Zara Bedella | WAGSFP

Zara Bedella

Role of Pax2 & Pax8 in Ovarian Cancer Origin

Emily Warden | WAGSFP

Emily Warden

Soft Robotic Face Mask for Respiratory Support

Justin Mason | Engin

Justin Mason

Sustainable algal biofuel production toward net zero emissions

Daisha Tonyae-Elizabeth Griffin | CCSFP

Daisha Tonyae Elizabeth Griffin

The Effects of Dicamba Herbicide Drift on Plant-Microbial Interactions.

Yasmina Pilar Zimmer | CCSFP

Yasmina Pilar Zimmer

The effects of the delta-opioid receptor agonist PN6047 on sucrose preference in rats

Omosiuwa Enakpene | Biomed

Omosiuwa Enakpene

The impact of KMT2D on treatment response of pancreatic cancer

Ali Ahmad Mohammad | CCSFP

Ali Ahmad Mohammad

The involvement of retrosplenial cortex in cognitive flexibility and neural activity when performing similar tasks in different places

Fanny Raskind | STAMPS

Fanny Raskind

The Temporal Coordination of Speech and Co-speech Eyebrow Gestures in Seoul Korean

Yoojin Kwon | Community College Summer Fellowship Program

Théophile Pathé: (Title WIll Be Plugged in Here When It’s Finalized”

Sean Joseph Moylan | CCSFP

Sean Joseph Moylan

Thermofluidic Analysis of Artificial Photosynthesis Hydrogen Production Chamber Using Finite Element Analysis

Vanessa Patino | Engin

Vanessa Patino

Unraveling the Complexity of Busines

Lillian Shern | STAMPS

Lillian Shern

VR Citizen Kane

Hassan Adam Berry | CCSFP

Hassan Adam Berry

Whole Health and Integrative Medicine Educational Resources for Communities

Mercedes Morin | Biomed

Mercedes Morin

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