Summer in South Asia Fellowship Blogs

Summer in South Asia Fellowship Blogs

Fully Funded. Independent. Life Changing.

The Summer in South Asia (SiSA) Fellowship is a program run by the University of Michigan’s Center for South Asian Studies to provide fully-funded opportunities for undergraduate students to complete an internship or conduct independent research projects in India.

SiSA Fellows have focused on a wide variety of topics related to their academic degrees and/or areas of personal interest. Past SiSA Fellows have built solar panels with community members in a rural area, worked on a Bollywood movie set, and served in a rural healthcare NGO. Participating in this fellowship provides students with invaluable international experiences that are transformative and leave a lasting personal, academic, and professional impact on their lives.  

While there, this year’s fellows will be blogging to keep their friends, family, and CSAS staff members up-to-date on their travels and adventures. You can read their blogs here and follow along with their work and travel experiences in India. Happy reading!

For more information on the SiSA fellowship, please visit the CSAS website.

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