Program – UROP Summer Symposium 2021


Presentations will run from 3:00pm until 6:20pm, the first two sessions will be 50 minutes starting on the hour, the final session will be 70 minutes, also starting on the hour. We have 3 presentation breakout rooms each session. Join the Symposium using the single link below if you need assistance joining a breakout room UROP Staff will be greeting and supporting guests in the main Zoom room throughout the event.

For more details about the presentation schedule and breakout room information continue to scroll down .

To search for a particular presenter or project please use the filters and search bar tp the right.

Symposium AgendaAugust 4thBreakout Room 1Breakout Room 2Breakout Room 3
Session 1 Presentations3pm – 3:50pm EDTEngineeringBiomedicalCCSFP
Session 2 Presentations4pm – 4:50pm EDTEngineeringWAGSFPCCSFP
Session 3 Presentations5pm – 6:20pm EDTBiomedicalCCSFPCCSFP
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