Intel Semiconductor Research Corporation – UROP Summer Symposium 2021

Intel Semiconductor Research Corporation

2021 Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century

Zackery Robinson | Intel SRC

My Research Project pertains to Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century survey project of the Automotive Futures Group. This survey of automotive industry experts including manufacturers, suppliers, government, NGOs, academia, and consultants looks to forecast the percentage of different powertrains that will be sold in 2025 and 2030 as well as asking experts about their expectations for the Biden Administrations CAFÉ regulations impacts, how will the industry use its credits to meet their goals, will manufacturers be able to meet aggressive state goals for eliminating gas fueled vehicle sales, and how will the auto industry make the transition to EVs, including questions on charging infrastructure. Our analyses will address these questions and report differences, if any, among the three groups of respondents (manufacturers, suppliers, and the group of government, NGOs, academia, and consultants). A unique characteristic of our analyses will be our weighting of responses by the confidence respondents report about their answers. Our results will be a continuation of this survey that dates back to 2007 that has tracked powertrain expert responses to the future of powertrains in the US.

Scaffolded Practice for Programming

Charles Alford IV | Intel SRC

Many students, especially those without any prior programming experience, find introductory programming courses difficult and time consuming. However, students need lots of practice to learn programming. Typically they practice by writing code from scratch. While this is an authentic task, it can overwhelm beginners. We have been creating and testing interactive ebooks with a variety of practice types including Parsons problems. A Parsons problem provides all the correct code to solve a problem, but the code is broken into code blocks and mixed-up. The learner must place the blocks in the correct order. Our research has shown that most students find solving Parsons problems useful for learning, but some students would rather write code from scratch. We have added the ability to switch to an equivalent write code problem when asked to solve a Parsons problem. We are modifying all the Parsons problems in an interactive ebook for C++ to include the equivalent write code problem. We plan to test this new type of problem in Engineering 101 in fall 2021.

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