Environmental Studies – UROP Summer Symposium 2021

Environmental Studies

Locally Charged: Centering Community Voices In Public Power

The effects of climate change will require a change in the tools needed to support the health of planet earth. One of the biggest changes needed is the switch from fossil fuels to using renewable energy for electric generation. Although climate change will impact everyone on earth in some ways, the impacts on low-income and minority communities are more likely to be severe. Residents in these communities already experience disproportionately high energy burdens and exposure to air pollution from fossil fuel sources.

Social Justice and the Environmental Movement – Lead Issues in Detroit

Social Justice is an ongoing effort to ensure that people in society are given fair treatment regardless of race, economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ability status amongst other identities. While efforts have been ongoing to achieve justice, the movement for it is just beginning to gain recognition in various areas of society. Environmental racism is a term used to describe when a disproportionate amount of pollution emitting facilities are placed near a population with a large proportion of residents who are people of color. It can also occur when people of color do not receive the appropriate resources to deal with environmental hazards or when less media attention is directed towards people of color when they deal with pollution issues. One area of concern in this category can be seen with a particular issue in Detroit.

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