MATLAB Programming for Data Packaging – UROP Summer Symposium 2021

MATLAB Programming for Data Packaging

Megan Brooks

Megan Brooks

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

UROP Fellowship: Engineering
Research Mentor(s): Jane Huggins, PhD
Research Mentor Institution/Department: Michigan Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Presentation Date: Wednesday, August 4th
Session: Session 2 (4pm-4:50pm EDT)
Breakout Room: Room 1
Presenter: 3

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Research is being conducted within the University of Michigan Direct Brain Interface (UM-DBI) Laboratory to develop an option for people with physical impairments to access communication devices without physical movement through brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). Currently, the majority of the BCI data from the laboratory is stored in a BCI2000 file format which is raw data and cannot be edited or modified after it is obtained. The MATLAB Programming for Data Packaging Project focuses on improving the data storing and editing process for a custom Data Packaging Graphical User Interface (GUI) within MATLAB. The Data Packaging GUI allows for the conversion of BCI2000 files to a MATLAB format and some editing of the field data. The improved Data Packaging GUI will be used to edit the raw data and add descriptive notes to more accurately portray the actual events that took place during the data collection. In addition, this project creates support for the future BCI data protocols that may be implemented as well as fully testing current protocols with the improved Data Packaging GUI. The MATLAB Programming for Data Packaging Project is part of a long-term, continuous effort within the UM-DBI lab to streamline data packaging after data collection. It will provide benefits such as flexibility during the data collection process and allow for descriptive annotating as well as adjustments after the collection.

Authors: Megan Brooks, Jane E Huggins
Research Method: Computer Programming

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