portrait of Hayla Alawi

Hayla Alawi is a senior studying creative writing and Asian studies with a concentration in Korean and a minor in music. She’s also the music director for DJs A Cappella and narrates audiobooks in her spare time. When Hayla’s not studying or working, you can probably find her playing board games with her friends or drinking hot chocolate and critiquing YouTube singing compilations with her roommates.

portrait of Kaitlyn Fox

Kaitlyn Fox is a second-year student studying philosophy and Spanish with a minor in creative writing. After undergrad, she hopes to go to law school to eventually practice immigration law and wants to continue writing in her spare time. She’s a music writer for the Michigan Daily and also has her poetry published in an anthology out of London. In her free time she likes to write songs, occasionally performing them in the Ann Arbor area. 

portrait of Madison Fri

Madison Fri is a senior studying communication and media along with English. She is from Michigan, but is eager to move somewhere warm after graduation. Her favorite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, and her favorite poet is William Carlos Williams. In her pass time she likes to travel, go to the beach, and try new foods. Madison is excited for this semester and to write about all that the English department has to offer! 

portrait of Maggie Hillegass

Maggie Hillegass is a junior studying English and art history. She is from Connecticut, but went to high school in New Hampshire where she often wrote for her campus newspaper. She currently spends most of her time marketing for her co-founded startup that focuses on experience discovery on college campuses. She is currently reading Hippie by one of her favorite authors, Paulo Coehlo, and is eager to explore the depth of Ann Arbor literature this winter. 

portrait of Katie Perhai

Katie Perhai is a junior communications-turned-English major from Northern Michigan.  She has written for the Michiganensian yearbook in the past and is considering teaching English abroad.  In her spare time she enjoys creative writing, theorizing about films, and zoning out to music ranging from EDM/trap to Hans Zimmer soundtracks.  

portrait of Stephanie Sorter

Stephanie Sorter is a sophomore English major considering a concentration in digital communications studies. She is passionate about storytelling in all its forms, from ancient epic poetry to Snapchat stories. Stephanie spends way too much time on Twitter and is currently practicing her latte art so she can fulfill the English-major-working-at-Starbucks stereotype after graduation.

portrait of John Buckley
image by University of Michigan Photography Services (2015)

John F. Buckley (instructor) came from Michigan, went to California for a long time, and then returned to Michigan. His publications include several hundred poems, two chapbooks, the collection Sky Sandwiches, and with Martin Ott, Poets’ Guide to America and Yankee Broadcast Network. His website is He’s the fiction editor for the journal Third Wednesday.