Hayla Alawi
Exploring the Literary World Through Four Student Perspectives
Tune in to this roundtable of four college students, all with varying levels of experience with the literary world, as they discuss high school English classes, “non-literary” genres, and what they like to read most.

Kaitlyn Fox
Observing Poetry Through a Multi-Sensory Experience
Explore some of the most popular poems in the English language through visual and musical representations of famous poetic works.

Madison Fri
The Powerful Words of Women
This infographic is a brief representation of the great and powerful women who have impacted our literary world over the years. 

Stephanie Sorter
Covid Archives
Diary of a Modern Plague: Thoughts, Images, and Stories from Covid-19

Maggie Hillegass
Lovely Lit Women (Instagram)
For my multimodal project, I created an interactive platform via Instagram to connect you females through literature. The platform revolves around a virtual book club that takes place on Wednesday nights. On the designated post, we ask questions and facilitate a discussion in the comments. At 8pm EST, I do a live video on the instagram story feature where we can discuss the questions. The live also allows for comments in real time, connecting all participants. Throughout the week, college students from around the country chime in to discuss what they’re reading and why they recommend it. The platform seeks to be young, engaging, and connective during this unforeseeable time. Together we want to connect through literature, and build a community of women eager to learn with one another.