Jackier Prize 2015

Photographs from the 2015 Ceremony

2015 Winners

Jay Akolkar

I am a freshman from Canton, Michigan and I currently plan on double majoring in Political Science and Cellular and Molecular Biology. I hope to use both disciplines in the future, specifically in the field of public health policy. My interest in public health policy stems from my passion for human biology, politics, and public policy. In my free time, I enjoy eating good food and reading. I especially like reading about history, art, and archaeology, which is why I was drawn to Professor Eliav’s course on the History of Israel and Palestine through the Ages. The course and the Kelsey Museum Experience provided a unique opportunity to learn about and experience the history and archaeology of the region, which is usually impossible for those not in the field. These incredible experiences, combined with Prof. Eliav’s outstanding lectures, made the course extremely worthwhile.

Bridges and Rifts in Roman Socioeconomic Strata: Analysis of Roman Lamps and a Decorative Lamp Holder

Farah Alam

My name is Farah Alam and I am from Okemos, Michigan. I will be a senior this upcoming year, pursuing a degree in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience and a minor in Science, Technology, Society. As I have a keen interest in mental health, I hope to acquire a medical degree in the near future to hopefully practice psychiatry, but I’ll have to see what the future actually has in store for me! During my time here at the University of Michigan, I have been involved with a number of organizations such as optiMize and the Muslim Students’ Association, which have made my college experience more fulfilling than I could have imagined. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors, reading, and of course, feeding the cheeky squirrels on campus. The Land of Israel/Palestine Through the Ages has definitely been one of the most interesting classes I have taken in these past years. Starting in the ancient Iron Age and moving forward to learn how the rich history and the unique cultures of various groups have transformed the world we know today has been a fascinating experience.

A Touch of Roman Reality Through Ancient Palettes and Keys

Anna Haritos

 Hello! I am a freshman from Troy, MI. I am studying Modern Greek and International Studies. In the future, I plan to pursue a career in international law. I am a member of the Women’s Cross Country and Track team here at the university. This summer I will be studying abroad in Greece. I took CLCIV121 because of the interesting subject, the small class atmosphere, and to grow as a writer.

Two Red Figure Vases and the Stories They Tell

Arrin Kontos

My name is Arrin Kontos and I’m a junior studying at the University of Michigan. I’m originally from West Bloomfield, Michigan and I’m majoring in Microbiology. After completion of my Bachelor of Science degree, I plan attending pharmacy school and pursuing a career in pharmacy. Outside of my coursework, I became a certified pharmacy technician and have been doing research on antibiotic development at the university’s College of Pharmacy. I’ve also been playing on the club lacrosse team here at Michigan and on other travel teams, as well as coaching youth lacrosse in my hometown, as part of a program to expand the sport to more people. I decided to take two of Professor Eliav’s classes because I heard that he was not only extremely knowledgeable about the subjects that he teaches, but that he presents them in a fun and interesting way, challenging his students to become “amateur historians” and critically analyzing ancient sources. It was from his class that I was introduced to the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology and gained a deeper appreciation for the history of the Mediterranean and Middle East through the magnificent objects at the museum.

Amulets and the Supernatural in the Ancient World

Anna Schaldenbrand

I am a sophomore going into my junior year and I am majoring in English with a minor in History of Art. I plan on working as an editor, but currently I work at the Huron Valley Humane Society. Growing up in Ann Arbor, I went to many museums on rainy days with my father, but we never ended up at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. Since taking History of Israel and Palestine Through the Ages with Professor Eliav, I have been to the museum many times and I have fallen in love with the rich history and beautiful art that it has. I loved the ability to interact with the Ossuary of which I based my project. It really helped me connect to the history of the burial piece and inspired me to write my essay about its significance in practices of the afterlife among Jews for many years.

An Ossuary and an Ash Urn in the Ancient World