Gene Editing for Combating Disease – UROP Summer Symposium 2021

Gene Editing for Combating Disease

Brett Silber

Brett Silber

Pronouns: He/Him/His

UROP Fellowship: Biomedical and Life Sciences
Research Mentor(s): Somin Lee, PhD
Research Mentor Institution/Department: College of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Presentation Date: Wednesday, August 4th
Session: Session 3 (5pm-6:20pm EDT)
Breakout Room: Room 1
Presenter: 4

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The APP (amyloid precursor protein) is particularly relevant in the investigation of neurodegenerative diseases, notably Alzheimer’s, as a result of rare mutations in APP protein coding gene. Quantifying cell mRNA levels is crucial to the determination of cell genomic status: mRNA is transcribed from cell DNA, and ultimately translated to cell proteins. In this project, we will administer the CRISPR/Cas9 complex in neuroblastoma cells, and confirm the alteration of APP gene expression.

Authors: Brett Silber, Ann Gladstone, Pramith Senaratne, Xintao Zhao, PhD Candidate, Somin Eunice Lee, PhD
Research Method: Laboratory Research

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