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Student Voices

The Barger Leadership Institute is proud to support various types of innovative and developmental leadership experiences for undergraduates at the University of Michigan.
We invite you to explore this blog, where our students share experiences in their own words.


Welcome to BLI: the home for immersive and interdisciplinary undergraduate leadership experiences at the University of Michigan. Here, we take a holistic approach to help you explore, nurture, and realize your authentic leadership potential. 

Leadership Grants

The Institute provides resources to our BLI members through grant possibilities that reinforce our beliefs in student initiative, the importance of learning from real-world experience, and the integral roles of reflection, collaboration, and active engagement with communities.

Leadership Journey

Join the BLI to enter our community of leaders. We offer life-enriching experiences and practical tools that bring leadership concepts to life. A member’s BLI path begins with our LEARN experiences.

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