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The Barger Leadership Institute is proud to support various types of innovative and developmental leadership experiences for undergraduates at the University of Michigan.
We invite you to explore this blog, where our students share experiences in their own words.


Welcome to the Barger Leadership Institute! The Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) is a student-powered, faculty-guided community dedicated to developing leadership learning through engaged liberal arts education.  Future generations of Michigan leaders will face a complex, volatile, and ambiguous world where…..


The Institute provides resources to our BLI students through a variety of scholarships, awards, and grants.  The Institute’s opportunities reinforce our beliefs in student initiative, the importance of learning from real-world experience, the vital role of reflection, teamwork, and collaboration,…..

Leadership Phases

The Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) is dedicated to leadership learning through flexible programming that builds on your liberal arts education. Our program structure allows members to create their own pathway through the institute’s various opportunities and activities. Students may enter…..

Latest Blogs

3degrees’ Summer Reflection

Throughout our summer research, one of our biggest questions was understanding whatmade a strong brand image, and from a logo and colors standpoint, what logo andmarketing elements would lend itself best to 3 Degrees and put the organization’s bestpossible image ...
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SIFT Collective’s Summer Reflection

The main component of our summer research was our focus group research that wasaimed to address questions regarding consumer lifestyle choices, shopping behaviors, andpreferences based on how they define and perceive sustainability. An insight that did not alignwith our expectations ...
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co-collab’s Summer Reflection

As a team, co-collab’s mission is to foster meaningful experiences through collaborative, interactive, and playful activities. Our three major summer activities were1) consolidate and present our identity as a team and as a brand; 2) collect inspirational and empirical support ...
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3 Degrees: Bootcamp Reflection

CONOR FLOOD Before the BLI Capstone Bootcamp our idea of 3 Degrees was to change the culture of sustainability for the city of Ann Arbor. This idea consisted of socially, spreading the idea of sustainability to the students of Michigan, ...
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SIFT Collective: Bootcamp Team Reflection

KEVIN LIU, MELISSA BREI, HAILEY ESPINOSA What was your project idea before Bootcamp To address unsustainability in the fashion industry, we plan to create an online marketplace for sustainable fashion businesses. We will develop a sustainability standard that will educate ...
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Blueprints For Pangaea: Bootcamp Reflection

YASH PATEL            Prior to coming to Bootcamp, Blueprints for Pangaea was already an organization and had been for five years. Primarily, we were looking to learn the means by which we could establish an inventory application that would make the ...
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Community Conversations: Bootcamp Reflection

ARIEL HUANG ‘Community Conversations’ is an extension of my teammate Bre’s previous project, the Dinner Table Conversations. We want to bring together UofM students who would otherwise not have the chance to interact with each other through collaborative art-making and ...
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Sacred Time Project 2020

By Razeen Karim Event Summary and Goals Overall, I believe that the event went somewhat smoothly in terms of logistics, but completed the described goals listed in our original project proposal. First, we wished to promote a diverse space, with ...
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The Lookout Project

By Lina Jeffery According to the Bureau of Justice, between 2007 and 2009, about two-thirds of incarcerated persons in the US had substance use disorders (SUD), and this trend is increasing yearly. Returning citizens released in the last two weeks ...
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A Summer in India

During my time in India, I worked with a nonprofit called MANN, which was a workforce training center for disabled adults. I was able to work directly with the CEO and COO on-site and implement a ground-up marketing strategy. It ...
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