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The Barger Leadership Institute is proud to support various types of innovative and developmental leadership experiences for undergraduates at the University of Michigan.
We invite you to explore this blog, where our students share experiences in their own words.


Welcome to the Barger Leadership Institute! The Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) is a student-powered, faculty-guided community dedicated to developing leadership learning through engaged liberal arts education.  Future generations of Michigan leaders will face a complex, volatile, and ambiguous world where…..


The Institute provides resources to our BLI students through a variety of scholarships, awards, and grants.  The Institute’s opportunities reinforce our beliefs in student initiative, the importance of learning from real-world experience, the vital role of reflection, teamwork, and collaboration,…..

Leadership Phases

The Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) is dedicated to leadership learning through flexible programming that builds on your liberal arts education. Our program structure allows members to create their own pathway through the institute’s various opportunities and activities. Students may enter…..

Latest Blogs

Sustainable Business Spotlight

What does sustainability mean to you? The first thing that comes to mind may be using a metal straw instead of plastic or remembering to put paper in the recycling bin. While these are things we as students should do, ...
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WORTHy Bodies

By Becky WoolfWORTHy Bodies is a focus group for Women’s Organization on Rights to Health at the University of Michigan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health and social connection have been unmet needs for many, especially college students, who are ...
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Ease: Boot Camp Reflection

Before the bootcamp our project idea was to create a sustainable cosmetic brand called Ease Cosmetics. The goal behind it was to create a line of refillable multi-use products that simplifies the morning routine, reduces the amount of product that ...
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General Intelligences: Boot Camp Reflection

By Aina ZaidiBefore Bootcamp, our project idea was General Intelligences, with a focus in expanding our outreach and continuing the programs we have in place, as well as improving them. As Bootcamp went on, we began to make more concrete ...
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Seithur Sanitation Initiative: Boot Camp Reflection

Our project, the Seithur Sanitation Initiative, is part of Project RISHI—a national organization aimed at promoting the sustainable development and growth of rural Indian communities. Through this project, we plan on addressing the issue of open defecation, which is associated ...
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NonPolar: Boot Camp Reflection

The Capstone Bootcamp was an amazing experience and abundantly helpful for our team. Prior to the Bootcamp our project idea was to help prevent the spread of misinformation in digital media, provide people with an unbiased news source, and create ...
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Ease: Capstone Bootcamp Reflection

What was your project idea before Bootcamp? We’re aiming to create a sustainable makeup brand called Ease Cosmetics. We want to create a brand of multi-use products that simplify the makeup routine and reduce the need to buy more products ...
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3degrees: Summer Reflection

Throughout our summer research, one of our biggest questions was understanding whatmade a strong brand image, and from a logo and colors standpoint, what logo andmarketing elements would lend itself best to 3 Degrees and put the organization’s bestpossible image ...
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SIFT Collective: Summer Reflection

The main component of our summer research was our focus group research that wasaimed to address questions regarding consumer lifestyle choices, shopping behaviors, andpreferences based on how they define and perceive sustainability. An insight that did not alignwith our expectations ...
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co-collab: Summer Reflection

As a team, co-collab’s mission is to foster meaningful experiences through collaborative, interactive, and playful activities. Our three major summer activities were1) consolidate and present our identity as a team and as a brand; 2) collect inspirational and empirical support ...
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