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Right to Success

By Ismael Rivera-Padilla

The Right to Success event occurred on March 15, 2024, marking a significant milestone in our
ongoing commitment to empowering marginalized students from underrepresented communities.
Collaboratively organized by Delta Tau Lambda Sorority Incorporated and Sigma Lambda Beta
International Fraternity Incorporated, this annual program aims to provide an enriching
experience for students by offering an informative and inspiring college visit to the University of

Our primary goal is to ignite a passion for higher education among these students, encouraging
them to explore opportunities at U of M or any other college of their choice. The event featured
engaging activities such as informational presentations, a comprehensive campus tour, a
delightful lunch at South Quad, a resource fair, and icebreaker sessions, all designed to broaden
their horizons and motivate them towards academic success.

Despite facing challenges such as the disruptions caused by COVID-19 and financial constraints,
which led to the suspension of the program since 2020, we were determined to revive and
revitalize Right to Success this year. Having personally experienced the program’s positive
impact during my high school days and now being part of its organizing committee as a project
manager, I witnessed firsthand how it transformed lives and fostered a sense of belonging within
the Michigan community.

This year’s planning process was not without its hurdles, given the new dynamics and the need to
adapt to changing circumstances. However, drawing from past experiences and the collective
wisdom of the team, we navigated through challenges related to student recruitment, scheduling,
deadlines, and unforeseen issues on the event day. While there were deviations from the initial
project plan, through participant feedback we learned we successfully impacted 33 students and
their counselors, reaffirming the program’s efficacy and relevance.

Looking ahead, we are already gearing up for Right to Success 2025, with a commitment to start
planning earlier to address potential obstacles proactively. A new team will be assembled, and
knowledge-sharing sessions will be conducted to enhance the program’s effectiveness and ensure
its continued success in empowering the next generation of aspiring scholars.

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