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Welcome to the Barger Leadership Institute!

The Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) is a student-powered, faculty-guided community dedicated to developing leadership learning through engaged liberal arts education.  Future generations of Michigan leaders will face a complex, volatile, and ambiguous world where problems of global scope affect even the most local decisions and effective solutions require collaborations that span competing interests, sectors, and nations.  Making a difference will require versatile leadership skills, cosmopolitan sensibilities, innovative mindsets, and the ability to embrace, evaluate, and act in challenging new situations. The BLI helps prepare Michigan students to face these 21st-century demands by uniting world-class scholarship, passionate undergraduates, and dedicated alumni in diverse experiences that reach beyond the conventional classroom.

Leadership Principles
We believe leadership:

  • is learned through experience, a continuous process of thinking/observing, acting and reflecting,
  • includes service to others,
  • occurs at all levels, in all fields, positions, and sectors,
  • is relational, it requires both leaders and followers,
  • is social, situational and cultural, and
  • is a developmental, life-long learning process.

Barger Leadership Institute
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
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