Funding – Barger Leadership Institute


The Institute provides resources to our BLI students through a variety of scholarships, awards, and grants.  The Institute‚Äôs opportunities reinforce our beliefs in student initiative, the importance of learning from real-world experience, the vital role of reflection, teamwork, and collaboration, and the need to actively engage our community. Our current funding programs include:

  • Small Grants: up to $500 grant offered to assist BLI Members with their projects or events. Applications are reviewed throughout the academic year on a rolling basis.
  • Student Projects: up to $2000 grant for BLI Fellows to provide funding for medium-large scale projects. Applications are processed once each semester.
  • Capstone Experience: Supports undergraduate students in designing and implementing evidence-based, collaborative projects that seek to bring about small (and big) wins for the complex, ambiguous problems that exist in our deeply interconnected world. Through generous funding and extensive mentorship, student teams will write a research proposal; collect and analyze sound, rigorous evidence; develop a project; create a budget; implement the project. BLI will provide funding of up to $15,000, individualized mentorship, research and project management training, and many opportunities to master effective leadership habits.

The Student Voices blog is a space for recapping and reflecting on the experiences that our funding programs help support.

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