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Wellness Journals for Wolverines

By Taylor Burnham Mental health and wellbeing are essential for college students; living in a healthyheadspace allows us to work effectively and properly balance our multiple responsibilities. Onecommon outlet used to monitor and assess one’s mental health is wellness journaling. Journalingutilizes writing and creativity to document our thoughts and emotions, enabling us to becomemore self-aware …

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“Search Inside Yourself” Mindful Leadership Program

After the 2-day live Search Inside Yourself program, I would define mindful leadership as the ability to 1) sense and understand the feelings of oneself as well as others; 2) act and speak with compassion of the motivations and goals of others and 3) lead a meaningful life. The road map used to guide the …

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Defining Mindful Leadership

After participating in the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute’s conference and completing the 28-day mindfulness challenge, I’ve found that a key part of mindful leadership is the ability to calmly and appropriately experience and respond to emotions. This kind of emotional intelligence is built largely through experience, which is mostly a function of time, but …

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Romina – UBELONG (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

By Romina Potter This past May, I taught English in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for four weeks through a non-profit called UBELONG. This was my second time volunteering through UBELONG because I sincerely ascribe to its service philosophy, with its deep commitment to long term initiatives, for a lasting impact that is achieved through a sustained …

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Brian – Institute for Economics and Peace (Sydney, Australia)

By Brian Lee I was interning for the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). They are a not for a profit think tank that tries to measure peace in the world by developing a global peace index. In the organization, I was doing some in-house consulting for a philanthropist that wanted to measure the cost-effectiveness …

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Kate – Squirrel Financial Wellbeing (London, England)

By By Kate Marciniak This summer I was an employer engagement intern at a financial technology startup company called Squirrel in London, England for two months. The team consisted of about 10 people which was very unique in that I had direct contact with every ‘department’ of the company within one room. I was given …

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