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By Amory Tin

This past March, MEG Consulting visited Chicago to visit some of the top consulting firms in the
world. With 6 cars and 34 excited members, we embarked early morning on Thursday, March 7.
Our freshmen analysts eagerly awaited this highly-anticipated trip, one that was spoken about,
without fail, in every recruitment spiel. Sophomores, who are nervously preparing for the
Summer 2025 recruitment season, were thrilled for their return to Chicago but brought their
notebooks and pens in preparation for vigorous note-taking during the firm visits.

Throughout our trip, we visited a total of 7 consulting firms on both Thursday and Friday. Each
firm visit consisted of a firm presentation, an office tour, and either a Q&A session or networking
breakout sessions. On Friday night, our members enjoyed a dinner with our alumni at Parlor
Pizza. New members had the opportunity to meet alums for the first time, while junior and senior
members happily reconnected with their friends and mentors.

Overall, MEG’s annual Chicago Trek is intended to be an educational, hands-on experience for
all of our members to cultivate confidence, and leadership capabilities, and explore career
options. Freshmen can get a sense of whether or not consulting is the industry for them, while
sophomores who plan to recruit consulting can get a head start interacting with industry
professionals. All members learn practical and important business skills, such as asking
insightful questions and delivering elevator pitches. Networking sessions also provide members
a chance to sharpen their communication skills with professionals in real-world settings.

Through BLI’s generous support, we were able to achieve one of our goals of increasing the
accessibility of the Chicago Trek to allow as many members to partake as possible. We had the
greatest number of attendees in MEG Chicago Trek history, and in every individual, there was a
noticeable improvement in confidence with public speaking and building personal connections
with both the firm professionals and MEG peers. The Chicago Trek not only strengthened the
bonds of friendship between our members but also helped encourage a supportive, loving
culture of high-achieving individuals who are equipped with the leadership skills to excel in the
professional world.

On behalf of MEG Consulting, we would like to thank BLI for supporting our club’s endeavors
and opening doors for all members to participate in this enriching educational experience.

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