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Host Your Voice: Capstone Summer Reflection


The vision of Host Your Voice was to enable a nonprofit’s reach to more potential donors, volunteers, and individuals to be impacted by the nonprofit’s cause. When Host Your Voice was founded 5 years ago, the initial vision behind the organization was to help nonprofits expand their digital footprint by teaching them how to apply for a Google advertising grant. Since then, Host Your Voice has scaled to over 10 countries and over 20 partners, including a partnership with the United Nations. One important aspect of the bootcamp for Host Your Voice’s development was an emphasis on long-term feasibility and growth prospects financially for Host Your Voice. Since our beginning, it has been Host Your Voice’s mission to not commercialize nonprofits. As a result, it has been our goal during the bootcamp to research “what other markets and advertising platforms can Host Your Voice apply its marketing expertise to achieve long-term financial stability?”

Our original research question was: “By making information more transparent and easier to find, does the average housing process search become shorter & are more leads captured and converted?”

In short after implementing ads and our software, the answer was a resounding yes. 


Before our advertising and popup implementation in June, Hidden Hills was averaging 5.75 leases per week. The number of unique visitors to the HH’s site averaged around 45 visitors. After we activated our advertising and reengagement methods, the finished weekly traffic jumped to 198 visitors.

We started running our first major advertising campaign for Hidden Hills on July 17th, and over the next 14 days, we saw the lease numbers go from ~6 beds per week to ~14 beds per week.

For the Arboretum before our implementation, the leasing numbers were averaging 6.75 beds per week. The number of unique visitors of the Arboretum site averaged around 78 visitors. After our Advertising & Reengagement methods were active, finished traffic more than doubled to 175 visitors.


As a London Idea participant, Amulya Parmar and Varun Madan had the privilege of pitching a group of stakeholders at the London Idea fundraiser. This fundraiser was an incredible conglomeration of many amazing moments throughout the summer.

However, when it finally came to presenting Host Your Voice, Amulya and Varun decided to jump off the stage and start walking in the same area as the audience. 

We believe that resembles many of the qualities of Host Your Voice. Host Your Voice is not an organization fueled on the basis of standing on the podiums for others, instead, it is about empowering the voices of people around oneself. 

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