October 2019 – Barger Leadership Institute

Month: October 2019

Host Your Voice: Capstone Summer Reflection

SUMMER RESEARCH The vision of Host Your Voice was to enable a nonprofit’s reach to more potential donors, volunteers, and individuals to be impacted by the nonprofit’s cause. When Host Your Voice was founded 5 years ago, the initial vision behind the organization was to help nonprofits expand their digital footprint by teaching them how …

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IceVax: Capstone Summer Reflection

This summer, we addressed questions regarding the two different stages of our IceVax vision: design and implementation. For the design stage, one of our primary goals was to design our first working prototype. The research question we focused on was “How can we maximize the effectiveness of IceVax based on the specific areas we work …

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Aretē: Capstone Summer Reflection

Our summer research included the compilation of a literature review which included details on the nature of incarceration in the United States, the impact of prison education programs, and, most specifically, the findings of other philosophy prison programs. An additional component of our summer research involved the creation of our program syllabus that explicates the …

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