Host Your Voice: Capstone Showcase Abstract – Barger Leadership Institute

Host Your Voice: Capstone Showcase Abstract

The overall purpose of our project was to address the fundamental disconnect between landlords and potential tenants, specifically in the student housing space. We built marketing software that can turn any apartment website –– no matter the quality –– into an all-in-one conversion suite. Instead of marketers trying to guess what their tenants want, we created a virtual leasing assistant that automates the entire marketing process. Based off of website activity, we trigger customized pop-ups, conversational bots, and remarketing ads on different platforms to tailor the customer journey on an individualized level. Through our research with interviews in the student housing space, we have discovered the aspects of the online experience that make it seamless for potential tenants. This includes the ability to self-schedule tours and have instant conversations to figure out the information they need.

  • Amulya Parmar – BBA and Computer Engineering, 2022
  • Varun Madan – BBA and Political Science, 2021
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