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Right to Success

Right to Success is a student outreach collaboration program put on by Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Inc. – Alpha Chapter and Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. – Zeta Chapter. The mission of Right to Success is to empower the diverse community of Grand Rapids through equitable college resource programming. We create an inclusive space for students with marginalized identities to learn about and gain access to resources and networks in universities. Our program connects Grand Rapids students with institutions of higher learning to facilitate their transition from under-resourced environments into post-secondary education. We are guided by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s social justice practices as we strive for the educational equality of all people and their Right to Success. 

A project grant from the BLI allowed us to expand our program to a group of 65 students, who were both high schoolers and prospective transfer students. When the participants arrived from Grand Rapids in the morning we began the day with breakfast and icebreakers as well as a speech from a keynote speaker who was selected by the committee. We continued the day with campus tours, lunch at the South Quad Hall, presentations from Admissions, Financial Aid, and the LSA Opportunity Hub. We concluded the day by enjoying a catered dinner and a light-hearted discussion about the events of the day. One thing about RTS that our organizations pride ourselves in is the fact that there is no cost of attendance required to attend our program. All food and transportation costs were paid for by grants like those from BLI. 

By Ashley Soto

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