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Dinner Table Conversations

Dinner Table Conversations is a group dedicated to increasing awareness about how individuals can improve environmental sustainability. They emphasize not only how people can help the environment themselves and decrease their own carbon footprint, but also provoke thought as to how one can take action politically and socially to further sustainable living. They hope people stop viewing climate change as a lost cause and instead become committed to taking steps (no matter how small!) to do their part for humanity. It is important to stress that when an issue is as threatening as this one, any action is progress. 

They hosted a small event using tablecloths containing intriguing questions about the current state of the environment and what we should do to improve it to foster a discussion about this ever-more pressing issue. This was a zero-waste event and everyone who participated was emailed information that contained quick and easy tips as well as long term suggestions to help sustainability, making sure the topics discussed would not be forgotten. Thanks to the BLI Small Grant, they were able to print the tablecloths they designed and order food/beverages for the event. 

Overall, Dinner Table Conversations hopes to make it clear that anyone can participate in making our environment more sustainable. For a problem with such drastic implications, we need all the help we can get. 

By Bre Boersma

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