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Ease: Boot Camp Reflection

Before the bootcamp our project idea was to create a sustainable cosmetic brand called Ease Cosmetics. The goal behind it was to create a line of refillable multi-use products that simplifies the morning routine, reduces the amount of product that needs to be purchased, and reduces the amount of waste from plastic packaging. We wanted the makeup to make users feel good about wearing it. To start off we planned on focusing on a multi-use balm that can be used on the lips, cheeks, and eyes to add a burst of color to the skin.

While the bulk of our project idea remained the same after the capstone bootcamp we were able to clarify aspects of our design and learn strategies on how to implement our plan over the summer. The A3 assignment and the presentation were particularly helpful in terms of showing usareas to improve on our idea. From the feedback, we learned that our project really needs to clearly define sustainability in terms of our project so that we are as transparent as possible. Another area in which our project needs to pay some attention is ensuring that our brand is inclusive to all people.

The most important aspect that I think bootcamp helped me with was to reinforce the importance of communication. Communication is always talked about as necessary, but the assignments like the team charter made us decide as a team and layout clearly what exactly communication will look like on our team. For us, that meant saying we would reply to messages within twelve hours during the week and 24 on the weekend, that we would meet twice a week during the summer, and that if there was an issue to address it as soon as possible at our next meeting or through email. All of the assignments really made us get on the same page.

The highlight of bootcamp to me was the A3 presentations. I loved listening to the other teams’ projects and seeing all the great ideas and the different stages the projects were at in implementing them. The feedback from panelists was also super insightful.

By Emily Lancaster
Team members: Hailey Espinosa, Emily Lancaster

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