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Blueprints for Pangaea

By Akshat Rana

This past April, Blueprints for Pangaea hosted their highly anticipated annual volunteering event, the “Day of Service.” This initiative spanned three hours, dedicated to channeling U-M students’ energy and enthusiasm across different Ann Arbor student organizations toward making a tangible local impact.

Throughout the day, attendees engaged in various stations, each designed to empower participants to make a local difference through a hands-on activity. From assembling care packages and hygiene kits to crafting tie blankets and writing heartfelt cards, every activity served to make donations to the Delonis Homeless Shelter, Hope Clinic, VA Medical Center, and Project Linus, among others. Through these activities, participants not only gained valuable hands-on experience but also developed a deeper understanding of the pressing issue of healthcare disparities within the local community.

Despite encountering some obstacles, Blueprints ensured that every participant had all the necessary materials to fully engage at each station, even when faced with limited resources. This involved strategic budgeting and scouting for cost-effective options to maximize the purchase of essential materials, a testament to their dedication to reducing healthcare inefficiencies. Additionally, outreach presented its own set of obstacles. However, through being persistent and consistent in their efforts, the team successfully secured sponsorships and ensured that the event engaged diverse groups across campus.

Without BLI’s generous support, this event would not have been possible. This was their second time hosting this event, and it was great to see such a strong turnout. With over 80 attendees actively participating, they assembled about 100 hygiene kits, 100 silverware kits, 20 tie blankets, and created countless heartfelt cards. The impact of this event extends far beyond just one day, as it is an experience that resonates with everyone involved, from the volunteers to the beneficiaries of their efforts.

Looking ahead, they are already thinking of hosting next year’s Day of Service. With BLI’s continued support and the lessons they have learned from this year, they are excited to make it even bigger and better. With the goal of reaching even more people, getting more students involved, and continuing to make a difference in Ann Arbor.

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