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Emily – Whakatiwai, New Zealand

EcoQuest, a New Zealand-based ecology and environmental studies program, was a rare and exciting chance for me to learn about the natural environment in a small, hands-on setting. In our community space, we had numerous opportunities to discover and pursue our interests, meet environmental leaders, and become leaders ourselves. The program had only 26 students …

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Miki – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I spent my childhood frequently moving between Tokyo and an underdeveloped region of China. This experience made me realize that many social issues, including poverty and human rights, are greatly correlated with commercial systems and business operations. Ever since, I have been active in exploring ways to practice business principles that would bring out positive …

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Telling the Untold Truth – Ann Arbor, MI

Understanding Different Perspectives in Violence Prevention Work When assembling Telling the Untold Truth (TUT), a workshop series designed to raise awareness about uncommonly discussed narratives of sexualized violence, one of the most challenging aspects was to navigate all the differences in opinion and experience that came from joining together so many different groups. There were …

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