Capstone 2017 — Bootcamp – Barger Leadership Institute Student Voices

Capstone 2017 — Bootcamp

Team Projects and Members

UM Intelligent Ground Vehicle Team (UMIGV)

The University of Michigan Intelligent Ground Vehicle is a new student design team working to create the first student-led autonomous ground vehicle to compete in an international competition. We believe in a hands-on, educational approach to enlighten students and our communities about autonomous and robotic systems. Ultimately, our vision is a premier robotics team at U-M that is not only place where anyone regardless of their background can get involved in robotics, but also a catalyst for spinning off entrepreneurial and social ventures.

Team Members
Team Leader: Adarash Mishra, Junior in Computer Engineering
Nicholas Reynolds, Junior in Electrical Engineering
Madhav Goli, Junior in Electrical Engineering

Mythbusting our Biases

Through a series of “Myth Buster” events, we hope to invite a panel of speakers who can debunk, destigmatize and de-generalize conventional wisdoms of current issues. Following each panel event, there will be optional discussion groups where students can reflect on the experience. Myth Buster events will aim to provide students with facts so they can have a more well-informed and nuanced understanding of the topic.

Team Members
Team Leader: Clara Li, Senior in Public Policy
Alyssa Toye: Junior in Business
John Schaefer, Senior in Business


Project Description
Finding a passion for a part of a student organization can be life-changing. Student organizations teach students the basic tenets of leadership and failure–all through doing. They constitute almost all of our education outside of the classroom. Yet, freshman at UofM don’t know what they want in a student organization or how to find the best one. OrgSelect is a platform that allows students to easily rank, review, and explain their experiences in student organizations. This will make it seamless for students to identify the organization that fits their needs best.

Team Members
Team Leader: Ilan Siegel, Senior in Public Policy
Arthur Shi, Junior in Computer Science


Project Description
ArborHacks is a student organization that is focused on encouraging computer science skills in all ages. Through workshops and other events, our mission is to give those with the desire to learn computer science and related subjects an environment in which their passion for and pursuit of knowledge drives them to greater academic heights. “Learnathons” and outreach events afford our members the chance to collaborate with the community, Michigan students the chance to mentor and gain computer skills, and younger students the opportunity to learn about coding and software. We are planning on also pairing with the University to create a coding competition for high schoolers sometime next year.

Team Members
Team Leader: Ben Freiband, Senior in Computer Science
Rachel Menge, Junior in Computer Engineering

Kraken Foods

Project Description
Here at Kraken, we love food. We want to make sure as little food as possible goes to waste. We aim to end food waste through our three-part process. It starts with our unique software system that helps farmers track their rejected produce and prevent future food waste. Our dynamic routing system diverts rejected produce from landfills to our facilities. We use these “ugly” fruits and vegetables to make healthy, affordable food.

Team Members
Team Leader: Kiley Judge, Senior in Science & History
Aaron Ngo, Sophomore in Business
Rahul Bejarano, Junior in Computer Science


Project Description
SwingBy is a location-based social-networking application that connects friends with hangouts in real-time. A user can create an event in seconds and send friends an open invitation to “SwingBy.” Friends can see all the events going on in their area on a map interface in real-time, and can choose which event they want to “SwingBy” using photo and video updates of the event to guide their decision.

Team Members
Team Leader: Sahibdeep Gill, Senior in Informatics
Allison Winnik, Senior in Engineering and Art & Design
Han Joon Kim, Senior in Political Science

Emotions in Action

Project Description
The increase in teen suicide has doubled in the past ten years, and we believe it is in part because we are not teaching students about mental health and emotional wellness at a young enough age. Emotions in Action wants to provide middle schoolers with the skills they need to deal with their emotions and the emotions of others. We will do this by partnering UofM students with Ann Arbor middle schoolers to meet in after school small group meetings focused on developing these skills, under the discretion of counselors and therapists.

Team Members
Team Leader: Sanjee Choudhuri, Junior in Electrical Engineering
Ellery Wong, Senior in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology


Project Description
ELAR is an organization founded on bringing a new system of task management to organizations and students on campus. ELAR’s main goals are improving Efficiency as a means of promoting Learning, Achievement, and Relaxation for students and groups using the system.

Team Members
Team Leader: Alex Wilf, Junior in Computer Science
Keenan Tullis, Junior in Computer Science

Michigan’s First

Project Description
Michigan’s First is a student-led initiative geared at making a difference for first-generation college students at the University of Michigan. Partnered with the Kessler Scholarship department, we are going to coordinate events and implement programs that will facilitate the transition and educational career of first-generation college students. Our efforts will be based on the different backgrounds and experiences of previous and incoming first generations.

Team Members
Team Leader: Soledad Martinez, Senior in Sociology and Women’s Studies
Deashia Johnson, Senior in Communication Studies

Empire for the Youth

Project Description
Empire For The Youth (EFTY) is an organization that works in youth development. Our goal is to supply young adolescents with the tools and knowledge to help structure and implement skills for life, not only in their home environments but also in the community as a whole. EFTY strives to change epidemics surrounding youth crime rates, high school dropout rates, and the number of students who attend college. We want to help develop young, independent, respectful, and knowledgeable leaders in order to create a better environment and society for our future.

Team Members
Team Leader: Karan Higdon, Junior in Psychology
Wayne Lyons, Graduate Student in Social Work

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