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EnspiRED Runway

EnspiRED Runway is a fashion and arts charity organization and was founded 13 years ago. EnspiRED Runway is a fashion and arts charity organization dedicated to creating a platform for creatives across the campus. Annually, they host a student-ran fashion show with student models, student designers, and student leaders. A portion of their proceed are donated to a charity of our choice and for the last two years, they have collaborated with Ozone House, a homeless youth shelter in the Washtenaw area. Their commitment to the arts and cultivation of family and community on the University of Michigan campus has created a welcoming space for all.

This year, EnspiRED had their annual Art Experience which is a showcase for artists of all types such as: singing, dancing, photography, painting, spoken word, rap, any many other art forms. The Art Experience gives students an opportunity to express themselves, despite having to deal with the stresses of school. It is a safe space for first time performers and experienced performers, to show their peers the talent that they have been working hard for.

Overall, EnspiRED’s goal is to create a familial community for everyone. Even if one does not have an exact artistic talent, EnspiRED encourage others to support their peers, and find ways to collaborate across the lines.

By Vivian Obia

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