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Veganism & Vegetarianism at Umich

Our project through the BLI Leadership Lab involved spreading awareness and destigmatization regarding alternative diets such as Veganism and Vegetarianism. We found that students around campus were receptive to the idea of reducing meat intake, but were less enthused about cutting meat out entirely. Our initial plans were loftier than was feasible during the short lab course, but our modified plan saw us host a cool event in the Shapiro Library. We gave out hundreds of dollars worth of vegan milk and vegan cookies, which quickly went, and administered pamphlets with material supporting alternative diets. Our team is forming a student organization for next year, and we will be using the 20+ emails we accrued throughout the event in order to create a significant member base. We have big ideas for next year to spread our presence on campus, and we could not have done it without BLI.

By Ryan Fisher

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