How Can the University of Michigan Community Help?

Plastic is all around us as University of Michigan students and it is vital that we take a stand before it is too late!  In order to drive change, we need to come together as a student body. It is the only way we create a large-scale impact. Through the steps outlined below, we can drive change!

Organize A Presentation At the Next Board of Regents Meeting 

The board of regents is comprised of some of the most influential people at the University. That is why they must hear our message. The first step to creating change is to have them understand and support our cause. We plan to mirror the 2019 climate protests at the Richard Postma Clubhouse. We would have a more civil approach to start, but a peaceful protest isn’t out of the question if we can’t arrange a presentation.

Convince the University to Stop Making Plastic MCards

MCards serve as our identification method around campus and help us get into buildings and dormitories around campus.  That means there are over 48,000 students who have these plastic cards. That number doesn’t include faculty or all of the people who lose their MCard and have to pay to get it replaced. In today’s society we are all glued to our electronic devices so why not have our identification system be digital? Not only would it eliminate people having to pay for new ones, but it would cost less for the University to produce.

Talk to Local Ann Arbor Restaurant Owners 

Our voice can go a long way. As University of Michigan students, we are well-respected especially in the Ann Arbor area. That is why we recommend going into local restaurants and encouraging them to switch some of their methods. For example, it is very common for restaurants to have plastic items such as utensils, plates, and to-go containers. It may be cheap for their business, but the cost is high for the environment!  We need to help give them alternatives while still ensuring their business isn’t effected too much.

Boycott Non-Compliant Restaurants

Local Ann Arbor restaurants rely mainly on the student body to keep their restaurants going. If restaurants refuse to change their ways in order to help the environment, it is in our best interest take our business to more sustainable competitors. By spending our money elsewhere, it will put pressure on the non-compliant restaurants to evaluate their current methods and hopefully look into more eco-friendly products.