Goal Setting

The Importance of Habits

When we get into the habit of performing a behavior, it makes it harder for us to stop doing this behavior. Because of this, habits can be a barrier to positive behavior change!

However, habits can help us change behavior too! 

  • If we successfully make a new behavior a habit, it can increase the durability of this behavior in our lives!

Consumer Habits

Next time you are at the drugstore/beauty supply store, check the labels of your favorite beauty supplies to see if they contain any of the below ingredients! If you are unsure, ask a salesperson!

Changing consumer habits can be difficult, making goal-setting important! A personal goal may be to change one product at a time or try new natural products.

There are also lots of super-helpful tools you can use to make the switch easier! For example, Beat the Microbead’s Product Search can tell you if your products are safe and give recommendations for others that are! (https://www.beatthemicrobead.org/product-lists/)

Personal Goals to Set

After checking out the alternatives page, you should set some personal goals that reflect positive behavior change!

Take a couple of minutes and set 2-3 personal goals you have for changing your behaviors to reduce microplastic pollution.

Some examples of goals:

  • “I will switch from abrasive toothpaste to Colgate non-abrasive toothpaste”
  • “When my current products run out, I will stop buying from L’Oreal and find similar products from Burt’s Bees”

REMEMBER: setting concrete goals (that  include a time frame and specific actions) will be the most helpful to you when changing your consumer habits!