Selecting Sustainable Seafood

Using this website, you can search for types of fish and see their status and whether they are overall sustainably sourced. The information provided can help you make informed choices by avoiding buying fish that are overfished and in danger.

Don’t be afraid to ask the workers at the seafood counter or your waiter at a restaurant about which options are sustainable.

The various types of sustainable seafood labeling both in the grocery store and in general are shown in the images below:

Sustainable Seafood Labeling at the Seafood Counter


Label Marking Sustainability on Frozen Seafood


The Different Types of Sustainable Seafood Labeling


It is important to note that while the University of Michigan is the only Big Ten school certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, they do not advertise this in their dining halls or cafes.


Sustainable Seafood at Local Grocers

Students at UofM can be engaged in purchasing sustainable seafood by being aware where specifically they can find these options close to campus. While there is a lot of labeling to help customers understand the options centered around sustainability when purchasing seafood, the best practice when met with any confusion is to ask an employee to help point out the sustainable options.


Meijer has committed to only sourcing 4-star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) shrimp, and as many 4-star BAP fish varieties as possible by the end of 2017. Look out for marks of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative to know which are the sustainable options!


Kroger has made the commitment to be involved with the supply chain of all wild-caught seafood sold in their stores and also stock BAP certified aquaculture seafood. Though not every option will have these sustainability marks, keep an eye out for the sustainability labeling to make the best choice!

Busch’s Market:

With an emphasis on sourcing as many products locally as possible, Busch’s is working to make a commitment to sustainability, and the seafood department is no exception. Keep an eye out for sustainability labels on products at the fish counter to make an informed decision!

Monahan’s Seafood Market:

This Kerrytown market boasts all things fish! With a wide selection of choices from all over, there are many options flaunting those sustainable labels noted above. With such a wide variety you are sure to find a delicious, fresh, sustainable option. Plus, they serve up some of their amazing options to be purchased and consumed on the spot so you can come to shop or come to eat sustainably!



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