Eutrophication in our Own Backyard

Satellite photo showing algal bloom in Lake ErieAn overhead image of Lake Erie’s toxic algal bloom in 2011.


Eutrophication is not simply an issue in locations such as the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, eutrophication has been a problem in our very own Lake Erie. Largely due to increases in fertilizer use in the region, algae blooms have been of growing concern for much of the last 20 years. They are increasingly visible and harmful, not only due to the possible health risks of exposure, but due to the economic impacts as well

The eutrophication and dead zones occurring in the Gulf, though caused by different algae species, are inflicting the same destruction of natural environments in both locations. The pain that the Gulf is currently experiencing is potentially the future of the Great Lakes region if action is not taken to reduce nutrient pollution in our own backyard.


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