Why Should You Care?

It’s Up to You 

Imagine going to the grocery store to pick up some of your favorite seafood only to discover that a fresh slice of salmon is no longer available. Without sustainable aquaculture, fish populations will be depleted and some types of seafood will no longer be an option on your dinner plate. However, YOU can make the difference. You have the power to ensure healthy seafood populations by only buying sustainable seafood and avoiding unsustainable seafood. 

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Think about Loved Ones

The food shopping habits we engage in now impact the food availability for our friends and family in the future. Seafood can be a very healthy meal option. However, with current unsustainable seafood farming practices, healthy amounts of seafood will not be available for everyone, including your current and future loved ones. In 2017, American seafood consumption increased from 14.9 pounds to 16 pound per capita. To ensure the seafood security for your family, support seafood that comes from sustainable aquaculture.

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Keeping Natural Harmony 

As fellow creatures of the planet, it is our duty to keep peace and harmony with the natural world around us. We have a responsibility to protect the environment and the resources we share with other organisms. Unsustainable aquaculture has negative environmental impacts, such as nutrient buildups that lead to potential oxygen depletion and dead zones, the spreading of fish diseases and parasites, and the risk of nonnative farmed fish escaping and becoming an invasive species. Sustainable aquaculture reduces these risks and prevents over-harvest. By supporting sustainable seafood practices, we ensure a natural harmony.


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