Week 7: Program Experiences – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 7: Program Experiences

There’s honestly a lot I could write about for this post. I’ve really enjoyed all the program events we’ve done outside of our placements. I’ve learned so much more about Detroit and its history from the walking tours we’ve gone on, the facilitated event at the Detroit Historical Society, from the film screening we went to, and more. But, I think the event that has stuck with me most is the Concert of Colors forum we went to last week. All the panelists had really interesting background stories and perspectives on the world. The artists’ performances at the end of the event were incredibly moving and beautiful. Especially Ramy Essam’s performance. Even though he mostly sang in a different language, I could still feel the emotion and heart of the song while he sang. It’s incredible to me how much music can influence our emotions/feelings. I mean, his songs were powerful enough to start the Egyptian revolution. It was beautiful hearing their stories and seeing their passion on the stage that night.



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