July 2023 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

July 2023

Week 8

The Detroit Food Academy is an amazing program. I’ve enjoyed learning more about nutrition, self-awareness, and financial literacy through the organization. One of my goals this summer was to create two visual presentations that represented the experiences of the students and staff in the summer leadership program. The progress I made in week eight was […]

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Week 8: The Conner Creek Greenway (not the same as the Joe Louis Greenway!) …. And more 

The project I was assigned at the Nortown Community Development Corporation (NCDC) was an investigation into the Conner Creek Greenway (CCG). In short, the CCG is a bike trail that extends from the northeast corner of Detroit all the way down to the riverfront park, Maheras-Gentry Park. It follows the historic trail of the Conner

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Week 8: Changes

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about changes. I’ve finished the first draft of my “report” on Clark Park, so now I’m making revisions. I’m also thinking through ways to adjust my presentation for the showcase. And, importantly, I’m preparing to majorly change my daily routine: to say “goodbye for now” to my desk at

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Week 8

Hello! At week 8, this means we’re nearly at the end of the fellowship and it’s a bittersweet thing I think. Working for DREAM has taught me so much and really opened my eyes to how much of an impact one person can have and how one person can easily turn into many. Community revitalization

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Week 8!

As my time in Detroit starts winding down, I’ve been thinking a lot about this summer and the work that I’ve had the chance to do at Brightmoor Artisans Collective. This summer, I had the chance to finish Phase I of the project, involving categorizing and mapping of land sites for potential farmsteads (along with

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Week 8

This project has increased my understanding of the issue surrounding small businesses and how the community they are in plays a large role in helping them break out into the commerce scene, especially women-owned and BIPOC-owned businesses which already have a larger barriers because of staggering inequalities that affect how much wealth is held by

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Week 8 Blog

My project is almost done, even though I didn’t initially think I’d be able to complete it. With one week left, I may be able to scan all of the photos. Considering my project mostly dealt with photos of Detroit from 70 years ago, and no interaction with the surrounding community, I find it hard

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